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Buyer's Premium

The buyer’s premium is the amount added to the winning bid on auction items. Unless otherwise specified in the current auction description, our buyer’s premium is as follows:

Wine Auctions presented by Benchmark Wine Group (Napa, CA):  20% (Starting 1/1/2024)

Spirits & Wine Auctions presented by Benchmark Wine & Spirits (DC):  20%

Be sure to review each auction description before bidding for confirmation of the buyer’s premium that will be applied to all lots sold in that auction event.

Commitment to Buy

A bid is considered your commitment to buy. If you win an auction, you have agreed to buy the wine and/or spirit. If you feel your bid was accepted accidentally, contact us immediately! If you submit a bid, this is considered your acceptance of all auction rules, including your understanding of the Buyer’s Premium.

A request to cancel your bid following the auction close due to lack of awareness or understanding of all auction rules may warrant the forfeiture of future bidding capabilities.

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