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Brentwood Wine Company brings the world’s finest
and rarest wine to you with exciting internet auctions,
plus Schott Zwiesel Crystal, Riedel Crystal,
and unique wine accessories.

This Week's Feature:
New World Cabernet

Bidding Closes:
11am, Wednesday May 4th
Feature Auction is Open

Special Announcement

Beginning in late 2014, we are pleased to announce that Brentwood Wine Company and Benchmark Wine Group are joining forces to become a larger, customer-focused leader in the fine and rare wine market. Both companies are owned and founded under David Parker, running as separate businesses for over a decade. Merging the two companies allows us to leverage our combined experience to provide more options and better service for all of our customers. For questions or comments please contact us at merge@benchmarkwine.com or merge@brentwoodwine.com . More information to follow.

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