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"Thanks for being one of my favorite businesses to deal with ever!"
George Z.

"Thanks so much for putting so much thought into my situation and for helping me. Thanks also for that very useful tip! I have really enjoyed dealing with you and Brentwood and the wine has been a great addition to my life."
Aaron G.

"This auction was great fun. I have told a number of friends about it and I know one that was also successful in their bids. Look forward to receiving the wine and future participation. Thanks for this opportunity."
Ricky S.

"I tried the Riedel wine glass recently and the difference really is unbelievable!"
Anthony H.

"If you guys turn shipments around this quickly, you will have a distinct advantage over your competitors. You guys are very professional and run a great shop......you'll do great!"
Chuck R.

"I received my wine yesterday in perfect condition. I look forward to many more auctions. Keep up the good work."
Bob P.

"I am very pleased with the purchases and the service thus far. I have forwarded your email address on to my entire list of friends/family who would be interested in your services and I am eagerly awaiting my wine. Good luck to you in the future and I will be back for more wine soon!!"

"As a participant in two of your recent auctions, let me congratulate you on a job well done! The range of wine available through your auctions is quite interesting. Your pricing is very reasonable and the service thus far has been quite good. P.S. Your prices on Riedel Glassware are pennies apart from ...the #1 Riedel Retailer in the U.S. (who claims) to provide the lowest prices."
David H.

"You're greatest business risk may be becoming too successful"
Steve Jepson. Professional Board Member

"I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how happy I was to find (and win) the 3 bottles of 2004 Abreu Madrona Ranch in your auction. The 2004 is fairly challenging to find these days. It was great that you listed the wine on wine-searcher because this is how I found the bottles. I was very happy to win the 2004 Abreu Madrona Ranch in your auction and I'm looking forward to receiving the wine."
Thomas S

"wow, thanks for shipping that today.............you're awesome!"
Patty S

"You continue to be an e-commerce hero!"
Ray W.

"Just a note to say "Thanks" on a shipment of some Riedel crystal. I was very impressed with the email confirmation with UPS link, the incredibly quick turn around, with the product arriving very well packed, in great condition! I must admit that I had some concerns of getting Riedel "Sommelier" crystal through mail/web order... but you've convinced me with a great price, great service and absolutely no problems."
Karl K.

"Thanks for the fast and courteous service! I will recommend you highly to my friends."
Robert D.

"Dave, I want to commend you and your company for the great service that you consistently deliver. Keep up the good work!"
Joseph J.

"Thank you so much for your incredibly prompt response to my message. I'm extremely impressed."
Jeffrey W.

"I really like this new format on your auction emails, makes it much easier to check if there is a wine that I'm interested in watching/purchasing. Great job, keep it up!"
Kyle F.

"Your site is just wonderful! I've been searching all over for unique collector's corkscrews and was delighted to find your great selection."
Melissa R.

"Enjoy your site immensely. I've bought from almost all the wine auction sites and yours is very cool."
Matt H.

"We'd like to get more of our wines directly to consumers... but the Internet: Isn't that just a bunch of video gamers?"
Josh Jensen. President, Calera Winery

"Just to let you know that I received my check from O.W.N. and to tell you what a pleasure it was to do business with you, and that you can use my name as a reference."
Ken K.

"I'm psyched... got just the stuff I wanted, felt I walked off like a thief in the night."
Frank P.

"Wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your website and in particular, your columns on storage, being a wine novice, and describing wine. Thanks again for your insight and humor, I hope there are more like you out there."
Rebecca R.

"Our glasses arrived yesterday safe and sound... complete with a small note included! A very personal touch and much appreciated. Professionally I'm responsible for human resource issues with my company's workforce of 1500 people here in Maine. I'm forever preaching about good ole customer service and how small things really do make a difference. For you to take the time and effort to recognize me, that's meaningful. Keep up the good work. And I have told my friends about you!"
Michael P.

"Dave, your business is booming! And you run it very well."
William S.

"You are the best wine auction site that I have checked so far!"
Kayoko K.

"Dave, you have been so very nice to me and helpful, and you represent a class organization."
L. Carden

"Riedel shipment arrived the day after my email. They are truly outstanding glasses, well worth the wait."
Art B.

"Thanks for the great service both in responses and shipping."
Donna D.

"Just a note to tell you that all the wine was received and all in excellent condition. Many thanks for your help."
Timothy C.

"Just wanted to thank you for shipping them out so promptly. I was pleased to find out that they were received today (in time for Father's Day) . Thank you very much. Since my dad is a "wine connoisseur", I look forward to doing business with you in the future!"
Laura K.

"You're the best."
Paul J.

"Thank you each for the kindness shown to me and in reference to my sister's birthday. I am excited to return to your site for gifts for others I cherish."
Stephen M.

"Once again, I wonder where in the world you guys manage to get your hands on these delightful Australian Shirazes. I'm glad that at least some of them make it into the States, and I'm glad there is a way for me to get my hands on a few! Sadly, I have become hopelessly addicted to the smell and taste of Australian Shiraz, and even more sadly, it seems that I have developed enough of a palate that I do like the ones that (ugh) cost more. I am happy that you are there to help feed my addiction to this unique aroma and bouquet."
Timothy C.

"David, Can't thank you enough. I'll definitely keep you guys in mind if I know someone with a cellar they want to get rid of. Very impressed with your service!"
Jeremy S.

"The wedding of my eldest niece was July 22 and we received the Riedel crystal toasting glasses with the year 2000 as suitable memento of the oath to one another. The families were ecstatic at opening those cylinders containing fine glassware and perhaps decades of sweet memories for this couple. Since they already knew of the Riedel tradition and fame through earlier gifts of the tasting glasses to my sister and her husband, there was an audible gasp of awe when the champagne glasses were opened. Your consistent courtesy and swift response time brought many smiles across the faces of rather simple North Dakotans being exposed to some among the finer crystal glasses available. Thank you each!"
Stephen M.

"Got the check - Wednesday afternoon - once again, I'll keep you in mind for future business. Brentwood Wine has been a wonderful facility and its employees has been a tremendous service to my needs."
Jeremy S.

"Thank you Dave! He just called to say thank you and he is absolutely thrilled! I told him that the towel would be arriving soon. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to dealing with you in the future!"
Annie A.

"Keep up the great work with the website. Nice balance of information and sales, good prices, good performance, and easy navigation."
Karl K.

"Thank you so much for taking care of this for me. Your shipping department responded as promised. I sincerely enjoy dealing with Brentwood Wine due to people like you caring for your customers. My dealings used to be primarily with winebid.com, but your service and response is certainly more impressive. Thanks again and Happy Holidays."
Jim A.

"Three cheers to you for all of the improvements to the Brentwood Wine auction site. You have done an admirable job keeping cost down and taking care of your long term customers. Your selection has always been stellar and your opening bid by and large have been most reasonable. I applaud you on all of your fine hard work. This comes at a time when your competitors seem to be taking a much different tack. Keep up the great work. You're fair, honest and decent method of doing business will pay off in the long run."
Ted H.

"You all have been great to do business with, and that's a good part of the reason I ordered the unit from you. Your focus on customer satisfaction does not go unnoticed."
Bev S.

While I'm at it, I'd also like to thank you for offering such a good assortment of reasonably priced Bordeaux. At this point I'm trying to stock my cellar with quality wines that I can afford to drink on a fairly regular basis, which currently means the $30-50 range. Keep those Sauternes coming, too! I've enjoyed buying from you over the last few months, and am already looking forward to the next auction..."
Dave M.

"Have just ordered some Riedel stemware for my sister who lives in Montana (we're in New Zealand at the bottom of the world)... Your site and pricing compelled us to drop you a note of congratulations. Having checked out various other sites via the Riedel website, yours was a pleasure to behold and use, and we will refer others... Thanks from a couple of Kiwi converts."
Neill R.

"Please accept my apology for the delay in responding to the auction and the expression of my gratitude for the results which were most gratifying, especially in light of the stock market. The monies will be of great use in the medical missions."
L. Cardin

"Thanks Dave, the customer service at your firm is great!"
Alan A.

"Enclosed please find a list of wines I have for sale. You will note that part of these wines are currently at winebid.com. I have sold wines with both you and them in the past and frankly, I prefer you."
Ken N.

"Very innovative, Dave... somehow I've come to expect it from your operation. Congratulations! I shop many online sites, but I continually find myself coming back to Brentwood for the best deals and service in the industry. And I feel I can trust you and your staff. Keep it up... you can win at this game , you know."
Roger S.

"Your wines arrived in great shape and I couldn't be happier! Thanks."
Tracey C.

"On a different note... It appears as if you have done a good job in getting the whole shipping situation worked out since last year. I would like to compliment you on the changes you've made. I appreciate getting very timely notices as to when shipments are being made and DHL has been diligent thus far in taking care of shipments. I know we has a few glitches last year with some of my shipments, but this year has run smooth as silk. Cheers!!"
Brian B.

"Your website is unique, because it shows you the wine glass and the recommended wines that should be used for these glasses. Thanks to your website, I got the correct wine glasses. The most important thing that I received was the countless compliments including lots of "WOW" for your glasses. Thank you for having such as informative website, for people who don't know anything about wine and wine glasses."
Lee C.

"Gee! that was rapid response."
Russ M.

"I just wanted to let you know that the Neyers Merlot arrived today in pristine condition!! We thank you and Brentwood Wines for your outstanding customer service!!"
Maddi & Mike M.

"Great! Thank you all for everything you do. You are a class operation!!"
Bob G.

"Thank you very much. You're proving I'm doing business with the right auction/wine company."
Michael F.

"Thanks again for EVERYTHING - I appreciate you explaining this to me! Great doing business with you guys!"
Christy T.

"I truly appreciate the wonderful customer service I have experienced with Brentwood. And I'm sure I will be doing business again with you auction company."
Stacey B.

"My sincere thanks goes out to you, David, and Brentwood Wine for finding such a lovely bottle of the 1975 Latour and getting it to me so quickly. I am thrilled that the bottle is in such good condition. I'm sure this will be a wonderful surprise for my colleague and I've made sure everyone who is participating in his recognition event knows about Brentwood Wine."
Michelle C.

"I would like to thank you for your great site, I stumbled upon it and ended up reading for quite some time. Your knowledgeable arrivals, with out any pretension that I have found in the past trying to get up to speed on wine are greatly appreciated. I was particularly glad to read your article on wine storage. You don't know how happy you just made me. thanks again for your great site."
Kara K.

"You have set my mind at ease with your courteous and professional emails."
Matt H.

"I am very grateful for your attentiveness and customer focus, both which are rare these days, as well as your intelligence, which is rarer yet."
Tim T.

"Thanks a lot!! Your service is great!! I won't hesitate to recommend you to my friends, and you certainly got my business in the future."
Japheth K.

"Thanks so much for help on this one - you can be sure that this is the reason why Brentwood is tops in my opinion. People like you make the difference in service to your buyers."
Jim A.

"Your professionalism is equal to the quality of the wine you sell."
Ray W.

"Thank you for facilitating the prompt handling of the sale of my wines last month. Your fair values and expedited handling were, in my experience, remarkable!"
Byron M.