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Sell Wine With Brentwood

Established in 1998, Brentwood Wine Company offers a unique option to sell your well-stored fine wine. Our experienced acquisitions team provides personalized service throughout the selling process, making every effort to ensure that your experience is easy and painless.

Flexible Terms
Our clients enjoy a variety of options for selling their wine, tailored to their needs and the size of their collection. Our acquisitions professionals will work with you to reach a personalized agreement that makes sense for your collection, large or small. For Example:

  • Auction Consignment
  • Hybrid Consignment, Auction and Retail
  • Full Collection Buy Out in Cash
Large collections provide the most flexibility; contact our acquisitions team to discuss the perfect marketing plan for your cellar.

Personalized Packing and Shipping Services
Brentwood handles all door-to-door logistics, transportation scheduling, and for larger collections, on-site inventory. Regional representatives can personally meet with you, discuss options, and make recommendations based on your needs. We currently have representation near:

  • Pacific Northwest
  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • Southern California
  • Mountain States
  • Texas
  • Northeast, Tri-State Area

Submit Your Collection for a Complimentary Appraisal
For more information or to submit your collection for a quote, call our Acquisitions Team at 503-638-9463, or e-mail to appraisals@brentwoodwine.com.