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Congratulations to all our auction winners!
Once an auction has closed you may visit this page to see the winners of all the closed items.


Brentwood Weekly Auction(0)
    Bordeaux - Red(25)
    Bordeaux - White & Sweet(1)
    Burgundy - Red(13)
    Burgundy - White & Other(1)
    France - Other (Red)(0)
    France - Other (White & Sweet)(1)
    Germany, Austria & Alsace(1)
    Italy - Other(0)
    Italy - Piedmont Red(2)
    Italy - Tuscany Red(1)
    Other Europe & Asia(1)
    Rhône Valley & Provence(16)
    Australia & New Zealand(0)
    California - Red Bordeaux Varietals (Napa Valley)(5)
    California - Red Bordeaux Varietals (Other)(1)
    California - Chardonnay(0)
    California - Other Red(1)
    California - Pinot Noir(2)
    California - Rhone Varietals(0)
    California - Zinfandel & Petite Sirah(1)
    Miscellaneous (Red)(0)
    Miscellaneous (White & Sweet)(0)
    South America & Africa(0)
24 Hour Blitz Auction(0)
New World Auction(0)
European Auction(0)
$35 Bin ~ New World(0)
$45 Bin ~ Old World(0)
$45 Bin ~ New World(0)
$55 Bin ~ Old World(0)
$55 Bin ~ New World(0)