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Baumard Quarts de Chaume 1990
Item #: 892538
Description: This wine was among those served at a tasting I attended at the Domaine des Baumards in June, 1997 which covered all the wines Jean Baumard has crafted over his career as well as some older ones (back to 1906!). This event is one of the most memorable of my life. I was amazed by the ageworthiness and extremely high quality of Baumard`s wines, both in the sweet and dry offerings. But more poignantly, I was stunned that Jean Baumard would invite people from around the world to come taste, criticize, enjoy and judge every wine he had ever crafted. To have his life`s work dissected in his presence, vintage by vintage, is a testimony to Baumard`s courage, honesty and pride. How many of us would want to have all our work judged in such a manner?Baumard, ever modest, was his own biggest critic. Space constraints prevent me from including notes on the wines so I have only listed the best ones.

Variety: Interesting Sweets
Designation: Quarts de Chaume
Vintage: 1990
Format: 750 ml
Rating: WA96
Condition: excellent
Producer: Baumard, Domaine des
Lot estimate: 576 : 696

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