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Welcome to Brentwood Wine Company. We're glad you found us. Instructions for joining our auctions appear below. You should also browse our extraordinary collection of Schott Zwiesel, Riedel crystal, and wine accessories.

Before you participate in an auction at Brentwood Wine Company, you must register ... It is free and without obligation of any kind. We will send you your ID and Password via email within seconds after you fill out the registration form.

Write down this number and keep it in a safe place. You will need to enter this ID every time you use the site.

If you do forget your password, you can have a new one sent to your email address.

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Brentwood holds weekly auctions that feature diverse wines from all over the globe

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Search the Auctions
If you want to search for a particular item in a Brentwood Auction, type a term or phrase into our search engine to the left and click Search

To bid on an auction item, enter your Password and ID# into the text boxes.

The amount of the next winning bid per bottle will be displayed in the Bid Amount text box of each item. Click the Bid button next to an item you want to bid on and put the quantity of bottles you want to bid on in the qty box. You can bid more than the minimum by overwriting with the amount in the bid box with a higher amount.

The AutoBid feature allows you to place a maximum bid on an item and will automatically adjust your bid to the next winning bid amount when you have been outbid by another member. The amount of your maximum bid will be kept secret.

Click on the Submit Bids this Page button at the top or bottom of the page. You will receive confirmation of your winning bid on the screen, unless there is an error with your bid or an another bidder's autobid has outbid you.

You may keep track of items by using our AuctionWatch feature. This feature is handy for keeping track of winning and losing bids you have placed, or if you just want to watch the activity on a particular item.

If you elected to receive outbid notices via email, you will be notified when you are outbid, or when you win an item on Brentwood Wine Company. If you're not sure if you selected this feature, you can check by updating your registration info.

If you need help bidding, or make an error, please direct inquiries to info@brentwoodwine.com or call us at 503 638-9463.