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Selling Your Wine

Brentwood Wine Company will appraise your fine wine collection for free and arrange for purchase of your properly stored fine wine at the appraised prices! And we can run a private online auction for you, too.

Brentwood Wine Company has two programs to help you convert your fine wine into cash.  We believe they are unique in the industry and are designed to net you, the wine owner,  the maximum possible amount for your well stored, collectible wine while minimizing your risk and getting you paid quickly.

Selling outright

The first program is the most popular. We'll arrange for a local distributor to buy your wine outright for more than you'd expect to net from an auction, and he'll pay within 5 business days.  Here's what you do:

Step 1: Write  up a list of the wines you are interested in selling.  Make sure to include all necessary information including producer, varietal, special designation, vintage, bottle size and number of bottles. Don't bother putting down wines you know have no demand - White Zinfandel, everyday wines, really old Chardonnays, etc. 

Honestly indicate each wine's condition. If the label or capsule is smudged or damaged, we want to know about it. Most important is the fill level.  Tell us if the fill of the wine is below the neck, and if so, how far down the 'shoulder' it is.

If there is any sign of seepage around the cork, or the cork protrudes more than a millimeter from the top of the bottle, or the wine level is below the top shoulder of the bottle, cross it off your list and look for another home - we can't take it.

Step 2: Make sure you're registered at Brentwood Wine Company

Step 3: Send us your list, along with your customer id number and any time restrictions you have. For fastest response, click here to load our online appraisal form, fill it out and Email it to While an Excel attachment to the Email works best, MS Works, WineBase or MS Word attachments are also okay. Or just include the list as text in your Email. You can also fax the list to us at (503) 638-6737.

How to use the online appraisal form: When you click on the online appraisal form link above, the Excel form comes up and asks you to open or save, click save and rename it by your last name and save to a folder on your C:\ drive or desktop so it is easy to find. Once you fill in your wines to be appraised, save it again so it is ready to email to us. Next, open your email program, address your email to and click the attachment button that looks like a paper clip in most other email programs. Once you click on the attachment button, it opens up your files to select from. Double-click the folder where your file is located and select the Excel file you named for the appraisal. Click 'Insert' or 'Open' and it should attach itself to the body of your email. Then you can add text and send it to us. If you need help, you can call us at 503-638-9463, and we'll be glad to walk you through the process.

We'll tell you what your wine is worth in today's market. Within a few days, we'll let you know what we believe it is worth to our local distributor/wholesaler network based on information reported in the Wine Market Journal. This is usually about 75% of the auction recent gross (buyer's final price) reported in this periodical. Since auction houses generally pay sellers 69-75% of this gross figure, less shipping and in some cases appraisal, usually pay about 10-16 weeks after receiving the wine, and charge for unsold lots and storage fees, this is on the high end of what you'd expect to net.

We heartily recommend a subscription to the Wine Market Journal to anyone who collects wine regularly. you can subscribe at If you tell them we sent you, they'll also offer an evaluation copy.  

Step 4: Let us know if you want to sell.

We'll get back to you promptly with the name of one of our local distributors who is interested in buying your wine. He will then be contacting you with a purchase agreement. If needed, he'll send you shipping cartons at his expense.

Step 5: You ship the wine to the distributor in Oregon, at your cost. 

The distributor/wholesaler inspects the wine.  If the condition or other important details are inaccurate, he will be in touch with you to reach a mutually agreeable resolution or will return the affected bottle(s). But this doesn't happen too often.

The distributor/wholesaler issues you a check for the agreed-upon value of the wine, within about 5 business days of receipt of your wine. This works out to be at or above what you would have received from a big auction house if your wine had sold at the average historic price, but you get paid up to 15 weeks sooner!  And you take no risk of a bad auction result. 

Organizing Your Own Online Wine Auction at  

If you have a large quantity of wine to sell, around $40,000 or more, we have a special program just for you that gives you up-to-minute valuation for your wine, personal attention focused specifically on you and your wine and all the excitement that an auction provides. We'll work with you and our local distributor network to organize your own online wine auction on our site. 

Contact us at for more information on this option.

If you'd like to proceed, start by Registering, if you haven't done so already.  If you have any questions, drop us an Email at Thanks.

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