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To bid at an auction, you must register. It's fast, easy, free and without any obligation. By registering, you are representing that you have read and agree to all Shipping and Sales Conditions, including that you are at least 21 years of age and are registering with true and correct information.

Tip: You can change registration information and be reminded of your bidder number and password in the Registration section, too.

Tip: If you are under 21, don't bother trying to register. You're breaking both federal and state laws and we cooperate fully with law enforcement agencies. It's the only thing that we have to be hard-nosed about!

Brentwood Wine Company reserves the right to utilize reasonable means to determine that you are eligible to bid and will follow the rules of this auction. Brentwood Wine Company will likewise endeavor to protect members' privacy, and to ensure auctions are conducted in a fair, impartial manner.

Tip: Contact us if you have any questions or want more information.

A bid is considered your commitment to buy. If you win an auction, you have agreed to buy the wine. If you feel your bid was accepted accidentally, contact us immediately! If you submit a bid, this is considered your acceptance of all auction rules, including your understanding of the Buyer's Premium.

A request to cancel your bid following the auction close due to a lack of awareness or understanding of all auction rules may warrant the forfeiture of future bidding capabilities.

Tip: One of the risks of bidding at the very last minute in an auction is that if you make a mistake, there is not enough time to have it corrected.

Due to the nature of our business, our formal terms for wine won at an auction is payment in full within 2 business days of billing. Billing will consist of an email invoice generally sent within 48 hours of auction close detailing items won and associated costs. We prefer a credit card be on file against which we can post the charges. We also accept bank checks and money orders sent by express mail. Customers who make larger purchases on a regular basis may also opt to pay by wire transfer. If you desire any of these last three options, please contact us. Winners who have registered as Will Call are required to provide a valid credit card number or arrange alternate payment within 24 hours of the close of an auction in which they are winning bidder. Failure to meet payment terms may result in the loss of wine, revocation of bidding status, and in extreme cases, charges to recover expenses.

A winning bid is determined from the highest valid bids for a particular item at auction closing time. If a single item is offered, then the highest bid received for that item at auction close shall be deemed the winner. If multiple items are offered, then winners will be determined based on the highest group of bids that exhaust the number of items offered. Note that the number of items bid on within a lot has higher priority than time of bid for determining a winning bid, if bid amounts are equal. Brentwood Wine Company reserves the right to invalidate or refuse a bid and to make the final determination as to winning bids.

Tip: If there is even a single bottle in multiple bottle lots left at a lower bid price, and you want more bottles than at least one of the current winning bidders, you can bid at this low price for a larger quantity of bottles and take them at that price (assuming no one else in turn outbids you.) If you submit a bid that appears to be a winning bid but do not get notification that you won, it is probably because someone had an Autobid in place, and the system automatically raised that person's bid to counter yours. You will receive notification if this is the case. If you want to raise the quantity of bottles that you a bid on, you can likewise do it without automatically increasing your bid. Note that changing your bid in any way updates the 'time stamp' of your bid, which may result in you losing wine in the case of a tied bid price and quantity to someone with an earlier 'time stamp'.

A valid bid is the opening bid if there are enough items not yet bid on to satisfy the bidders requirement. Otherwise, it one which is at least one bid increment above the current bid. Note that a particular bidder can only have one valid bid for items in a particular lot. A 'bid' means a dollar amount and a quantity of bottles for a particular lot.

Tip: This means you cannot bid for, say 10 bottles at $40 and 5 bottles at $50 for the same lot. If this is your desire, place a bid for 10 bottles at $40 and if it gets outbid, place a new one for 5 bottles at $50.

By using the Autobid function, a maximum bid can be specified, and a valid bid will automatically be created to counter competing bids up to this maximum.

Tip: Note that Autobid raises the bids on all the bottles you have requested, so if you placed an Autobid for, say 10 bottles in a 10 bottle lot at $100, Autobid will counter opposing bids, raising your price on all bottles even if an opposing bidder only wants, say 1. Note also that Autobid will move up exactly one bid increment from opposing bids, and will not go above your stated maximum. Note also that if you want to raise your Autobid without bidding against yourself, clear the amount in the bid box. Note that changing your bid in any way updates the 'time stamp' of your bid, which may result in you losing wine in the case of a tied bid price and quantity to someone with an earlier 'time stamp'.

The expected start of an auction close is indicated for each auction. Bidding will cease on most items at this time. Lots that have received a valid new bid in the past 5 minutes will continue to remain open in 5-minute increments until such bidding activity ceases.

Tip: Due to delays inherent in Internet communication, notices and counter bids may come in later. It is never wise to wait until the last minute to bid or to assume that just because the auction close deadline has passed, you have won a lot. It is much safer and wiser to use Autobid to protect the lots you want up to the maximum you want to pay and thus avoid disappointment.

Brentwood Wine Company endeavors to accurately represent each item it offers and to deliver all such items to winning bidders. Occasionally, however, we may learn that an item is not available or that information that we have received is inaccurate. We may therefore infrequently be forced to remove an item from auction, or modify its description during an auction. In this case, we will notify the current winning bidder(s). Likewise, where we learn of this after the close of auction, we will notify winners and of course refund any purchase price if an item is not available or not desired. In the rare instances where the item received by the winner has not been correctly described in some substantial way, we will work to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution or pay to have the item returned to us and refund charges.

Brentwood Wine Company reserves the right to modify the specifics of any auction, including end date and items offered. In some cases, we may withdraw an item that is not receiving bids or add items to a lot that is receiving heavy bidding.

Brentwood Wine Company reserves the right to modify the Auction Rules and Auction Shipping Info at any time and without notice. Such changes will of course be clearly posted in this section and the one listed above.

Tip: We are involved with wine due to the joy it brings us. While we strive to provide perfect service, occasionally human (or computer!) error creeps in. In such cases, we will do everything possible to address the problem. We thank you in advance for your understanding if you are ever involved in such a situation. We promise to make it right!