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About Us

Pioneering the rare and fine wine industry by pairing passionate wine connoisseurs with ecommerce ease, Brentwood Wine Company has been catering to the world's aficionado since 1998. As the Northwest's largest independent wine retailer this ever-expanding, client focused, premium wine auction house is simply looking forward to sharing the greatest bottles with you.

The Founder
Based on his unique insights of successful high-tech ventures, an entrepreneural nature and passion for fine wine, David Parker founded Brentwood Wine Company in May 1998. Evolving with the success of this online wine auction house, he founded Benchmark Wine Group and acquired The Wine Market Journal during 2002. An avid wine collector first; David Parker professionally stepped into the wine industry purchasing a commercial vineyard in Geyserville, California in 1987. Since then, he has owned the Eola Hills Vineyard of Oregon and is a partner in Parker Family Vineyards, Inc. He currently resides in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, Sandy Sturrus Parker, and their four children.

Blending his exclusive wine and high-tech skills, talents, and contacts, David Parker has produced ideal conditions for well-informed fine wine collectors and connoisseurs seeking rare, high-quality wine producers. Brentwood Wine Company is the result of David Parker's drive to confidently bring the very best bottles oenophiles of the world.

Privacy Policy
We never share your information outside our family of companies, nor do we sell your information to anyone. Our family of companies includes Benchmark Wine Group, AuctionVine, Parker Family Vineyards and The Wine Market Journal. What you share with us stays with us for the purpose of shopping for the world's greatest wines and wine accessories!