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    World's Best Crystal

Fine wine doesn't last forever, but now your fine crystal can. The world's brightest and most durable crystal is the new titanium-based series from Schott Zwiesel. Schott Zwiesel is built on 130 years of innovation and excellence to develop a new patented process that replaces the lead oxide that other crystal manufacturers use with titanium oxide, resulting in brighter crystal that is practically unscratchable and virtually unstainable. These glasses are hand and machine made to enhance the characteristics of your finest wines, with the finesse and fine ring you have come to expect, but are dishwasher safe, no clouding, and resists spotting and can often survive dropping! They are exquisitely balanced with a dramatic sense of flair that makes them incredibly elegant. Now you can have it all.

Schott Zwiesel wine glasses have the same profound effect on the wine drinking experience and elegant feel as the other renowned crystal we carry, with incredible durability, ease of cleaning and lower cost. The shape of each wine glass is designed to enhance the aroma and flavor components of an individual wine type. But while they are real crystal, they contain no lead and are dishwasher safe. 

Each piece of Schott Zwiesel crystal is a work of art in form and function. Your best wines deserve Schott again and again.

We are delighted to offer special prices 33%-40% below MSRP.

Dealer inquiries of $2,500+ are welcome at 503 638 9463

Schott Diamond HardSchott Crystal DurabilitySchott Zwiesel Machine WashableSchott Zwiesel Crystal Beauty

Zwiesel 1872 Enoteca Series
Zwiesel's finest. Mouth blown-handmade, the same superior clarity and dishwasher safe, but not break resistant due to the unique individual handmade artisan manufacturing
Enoteca for Red Wines    Enoteca for White    Spirits/Misc.

Top Ten Series
Titanium crystal with a touch of flair. New designs created by 7 of Europe's greatest Sommeliers to optimize the aroma and flavor of each varietal. Machine made.

Forte Series
Beautiful and affordable machine made titanium crystal for everyday use. 

Carat Series
Schott Zwiesel has created Tritan Carat Stemware with simple, yet elegant etching on the stem. A decorative spiral element in the upper part of the stem makes the daily enjoyment of drinking a special event.

Diva Series
DIVA is an experience for your senses: for your palate and nose, drinking glasses which let the full flavor unfold. For your eyes, exceptionally attractive styling. For your hand, the sensual feel of the slender, convex stems, and for your ears, the pure ring of crystal glass. Emotion is complemented by innovation. DIVA is made from a completely new patented generation of crystal glass (titanium), it contains no lead or barium, is harder than normal crystal glass, and is particularly dishwasher safe. 

Pure Series

Wine connoisseurs will appreciate the different shapes of glass for each kind of grape. Their special shapes give fine wines the perfect surface area with which to breathe, thus emphasizing the rich nuances of their bouquet. 

Fortissimo Series
The new crystal glass series "fortissimo" is from timeless elegance, without working at will.

Schott Zwiesel offers a wonderful line of decanters and accessories, too.  View these along with all of our other quality decanters.

We stock the entire selection of these lines for immediate shipment to most anywhere in the world and can obtain the rest of Schott Zwiesel's extensive selection of glassware, crystal and art glass. If there is an item you cannot find, we can special order it for you. Contact or call us at 503 638-9463. 

Find out about Gift Wrap on our Shipping Info page.

If you are looking for our selection of Riedel Crystal, click here.

Note: You may see a line of crystal named Tritan sold elsewhere. These are Schott Zwiesel glasses from their entry level line.  Brentwood Wine has determined that, while these are perfectly credible glasses, they do not meet our standards. We believe all glasses we offer are of superior appearance, balance and feel to these so-called Tritan products. Note also that Schott Zwiesel uses the name Tritan to distinguish the patented titanium-based crystal material they use in a number of their glasses. Because of the potential for confusion between the material and the brand name used by those other resellers, we avoid using the Tritan designation altogether.  Look for the Enoteca, Top Ten and Forte lines if you want the best Schott Zwiesel lead-free crystal.  

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